tirsdag den 15. november 2011

Summer work - Elk Hair Caddis - Series

Hey guys! 
I just wanted to share some work that I did over the summer that is finally up.
So a little back story, some graduate students from my school (Magnus Møller and Peter Smith) have started their own company tumblehead.dk. And they have done a few projects, but now they are working on pitching their bachelor project as a TV series, so this meant that they needed a bunch of new characters and that is what I helped them with during the summer (among other things).
I bascially got to do everything here, design, sculpt and texture them and then finally Magnus Møller did some paint over work on them to give them the final nice look.
Also the frog wasn't designed by me I just did some minor changes to it.

Anyway, everything is done in zbrush (Thanks to zbrush I could bascially just spew these bastards out in no time!) and photoshop bascially:

I hope you guys like them!
The original short movie they made can be see here:

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