tirsdag den 26. april 2011

Self study week = dinosaur!

I was approached by an absolutely brilliant animated who asked if he could animated some of my models, I told him that I was very flattered and that I'd love to make him a new one instead, so thats what I'll be spending my self study week doing, still work in progress:

Click image to see it in proper size

And my original sketch:
I feel that especially in this character, it shows quite clearly that I absolutely love what Dave and Greg at creaturebox are doing!

Even more sketches!

Guess what movie I just watches, hint: it involves dragons

Sketches and a toad boss thingy


Some robots I'm working on, they still need some more work:

Character project

A presentation of a character project we made in school, my goal was to go as realistic as possible, but the 3D model still needs so much work to be were I would want it to, but non the less, here is the presentation:
(click on image to see presentation, might take some time to load)
Music by Miles Davis, Miles Runs the Voodoo Down from "Bitches Brew"