fredag den 13. september 2013

Project "Cycles" and godzilla sketch

This is something I've been working on for a while as a personal project, I love astronauts, space and all that jazz so I've really been having a lot of fun with this, there is still a lot more to come, this is just what I got so far.

This is a selection of some of the sketches for the project:

And unrelated a quick godzilla, still need to pose him and do some proper sculpting:

For now just this 3D browser model view

Hope you all like it :)

søndag den 25. august 2013

Sorry for being so horrible at posting stuff :(

So here is a little something, more is coming! (though it is nothing like this one)

Merged PolySphere 3 (Click to view in 3D)
(Click to view in 3D)

lørdag den 13. april 2013

New showreel

Finally my new showreel is here:

Evolve - green footsteps commercial

I realized that I never got around posting this on my blog or anywere for that matter.
Anyway, Evolve was a 5 week commercial I worked on it was a school project but we had a real client, Roskilde Green Footsteps, a NGO that is part of the Roskilde Festival (one of the great European music festivals).

Anyway, the job was to make a commercial in 5 week, 5 weeks which included coming up with an idea. Goal was to get people on the festival to throw out their trash, we choose to make a spoof on 2001: a space odyssey, my job was Director, Character Designer, Character Modeler, Shader and Lighter.

A very special thanks goes out to the awesome Luis Cook and Kay Delventhal, who helped supervise the project.

I just found the sketched that lead to the final character design, they kinda went lost for a while:
The final design, taking it backwards in time from here. Esben Rasmussen did the colors on this guy :)

mandag den 7. januar 2013

My first ever Orc

I can honestly say it is my first, but it had to happen, hugely enjoyed it :D

Hope you like him!

tirsdag den 1. januar 2013


Different things, first a dragon and me playing a bit painting a bit, and then a furry little creature which I'm trying to make in 3D, early wip working with Yeti:

 Like I said, very early tests :)