tirsdag den 28. januar 2014

Interview short - My graduation movie

At long last it is up!

I worked on this short movie for 8 months, it was an original idea by Mikkel Okholm, Kasper Larsson, and myself, and we worked on this film with 7 other amazing people.
So check it out!
Interview from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

I was Art Director, Character Designer, Lead Modeler, Texture Artist, and did a bunch of look-dev, grooming as well as being part of the story team.

The team was:

Mikkel Okholm - Director/Editor

Frederik Storm - Art Director/character designer

Adrian Walt - Technical Director

Helena Smith - Production Manager/Animator

Camilla Gunborg - Lead Animator

Mads Bjerregaard - Animator

Esben Lash Rasmussen - Visual Development/Compositor

Mikkel B. Frandsen - Technical Animator/Assisting Editor

Unnur Jonsdottier - CG Generalist/Production Manager

Kasper Larsson - Character TD/Compositing

lørdag den 25. januar 2014

Flame Blade and a Kaiju to fight

I learned that ultraman is pretty much the single most amazing thing ever conceived by man-kind.
I want to be in science patrol so badly, but in stead I decided to invent my own