søndag den 14. november 2010

Pterodactyl - Some weekend fun

This weekend I took some time to have fun with zbrush, which lead to this little happy fella, I'll post the concept once I get it scanned:
Feel free to click to see a larger version ;)

Dinosaurs are always fun to do.

Cyclops alien space fisherman - WIP

So this is a person project I've started, not much to say besides, he is indeed a Cyclops alien space fisherman.
Here is my concept I'm working from:
And this is what I got in 3D so far, I'm currently in the state of giving him a new topology:

Hopefully an update on this guy will follow shortly.

Viking project

And another school project. We were giving the theme "Vikings" and the goal is to produce a final image in maya, we had cirtain limitations to the design in this one, it had to be simple and styalized.
So far we've had a week of design, with Stefan Marjoram from Aardman animation, this is the design I came up with for my character:

The next 3 weeks are about modeling, our teacher for that course is Martin Andersson who works as lead modeler at Storm Studios in Norway.
So this is what I got in 3D so far, currently working on giving him and the dragon a new topology:

More to come on this project.

Second post - a load of personal stuff

So bascially this is just a bunch of stuff I've done for my self since I've started studying at Animwork.

First blog post EVER

Its time for some blogging, and since this is my school blog, I'm gonna start out with a little bit of school work. These were done for a one week course we had with Julia Bracegirdle, we were to use a kinda collage technique for designing, and then building a maquette based on one of the designs, the designs were done for a short story. The story had 3 characters, and this is my take on those characters:
(click for bigger images)